Why Am I So Anxious with Dr. Tracey Marks | PPP111

Dr. Tracey Marks and
Kevin Pannell, PMP

In Why Am I So Anxious with Dr. Tracey Marks | PPP111, Dr. Tracey Marks and I talk about her path into practicing Psychiatry for over 20 years, authoring three books and her start in sharing mental health information online that has led to her very popular YouTube channel that now has over 1.2 million subscribers.

“Why Am I So Anxious”

Dr. Marks’ book, Why Am I So Anxious?: Powerful Tools for Recognizing Anxiety and Restoring Your Peace, Dr. Marks organizes the book into two major sections. In Part 1: Anxiety Origins Dr. Marks informs the reader about the physiology of the brain, nervous system and helps us all understand different types of anxiety better. In Part 2: What to Do About Your Anxiety, Dr. Marks teaches us about prescription, natural, mind and body tools to help us manage and deal with anxiety.

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Dr. Marks and I Discuss:

  • Dr. Marks’ early life and getting into Psychiatry
  • The Default-Mode-Network (DMN) and the relation of gut health to mental health
  • Thoughts on the “new” Serotonin level study
  • Benefits of Magnesium, essential oils and aromatherapy
  • 4 Fun facts you didn’t know about Dr. Marks
  • and much more!

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2 thoughts on “Why Am I So Anxious with Dr. Tracey Marks | PPP111

    1. Kevin Pannell, PMP – Blacksburg, Virginia – Kevin Pannell is a Senior Project Manager in the Healthcare IT field. Kevin has over 20 years of personal and professional experience in the U.S. Military, Public Safety, Healthcare, Technology and Wellness spaces.

      Hello there. Appreciate the link and share. Please update “Nervous” to “Anxious” as this better reflects the book title and episode. Best, Kevin

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