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Behind the Shield Episode 316 – Kevin Pannell: Listen to my conversation with James Geering on the Behind the Shield podcast. James and I talk about the “Foundational Four” of developing S.M.A.R.T. objectives, unifying team org charts, coordinating resources effectively and communicating horizontally and vertically across organizations in my current role, and how I share my knowledge and experiences and those of his guests by way of the ‘People, Process, Progress’.
My interview on the ‘People With A Passion’ podcast and YouTube show. In this episode Craig Rowe and I discuss managing crisis like epidemics, pandemics, civil unrest, natural disasters and tragedies involving mass loss of life or property.
Working Through Any Scenario: The Simplicity and Applicability of the Foundational Four | In this video I share how developing S.M.A.R.T. objectives, creating a combined organizational chart, coordinating and sharing resources and effectively communicating will improve efficiency in the public safety, all-hazards incident management and project management worlds.
#PublicSafety #AllHazards #IncidentManagement #ProjectManaement #FoundationalFour #BetweentheSlides
From Org Chart to ICS 215: Sharing how to simplify creating the Operations Section organizational chart before attempting to complete the ICS 215 (Operational Planning Worksheet)
#tactics #ICS215 #operations #incidentmanagement #groups #divisions

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