Survive as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) White Belt

Kevin Pannell, PMP with Master Renzo Gracie

Are you thinking of trying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or “BJJ”? Then this episode, “Survive as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) White Belt” is for you!

Back in December 2020 I released ‘PPP62: My 5 Tips to Achieve the BJJ Blue Belt‘. In that episode I share what I believe helped me earn my Blue Belt in November 2020. In ‘PPP78: Foundational Five to Survive as a BJJ White Belt’ I share tips for those thinking of trying an intro class (which I recommend) and the White Belts on the cusp of earning their Blue Belt.

The Principles:

  • INTENT of the episode: To help White Belts from intro class to those on the cusp of Blue Belt to survive the initial BJJ storm
  • OBJECTIVES: Try an intro class, arrive ahead of time, accept…
  • ORGANIZATION: Professor, Instructors, BJJ belts of…
  • RESOURCES: Athletic tape, mouthpiece…
  • COMMUNICATION: Tap early and often, Let folks know…

Want to find out the rest of the list? Listen below or wherever podcasts are played!
LISTEN HERE: PPP78: Foundational Five to Survive as a BJJ White Belt

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