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Request and Coordinate Resources


Request and Coordinate Resources – Now that we are on target with a good leader’s intent (PPP81), we’ve grouped our issues into SMART objectives (PPP82) and we’re created the outline of a functional organization (PPP83), we’re ready to request the resources we need to meet the intent, achieve the objectives and fill in the functional org chart.

ICS 213 RR – Resource Request

So what is a resource? According to my vast research skills (Googling that is), Merriam-Webster states a resource is, “a source of supply or support : an available means —usually used in plural“. Does this align with what you thought? To break this down to basics, to me resources are, “the people, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, food, infrastructure and medical support we need to accomplish the mission“. In short, the people, stuff and spaces.

So how do we request resources? Well, that varies by company, incident management team (IMT), locality, department, etc. It falls on us as leaders and process facilitators to know our procedures.

Resource Ordering Guidelines:

Some other takeaways from resource ordering and coordination include:

  1. People are a resource. They are our most important resource.
  2. We should have an idea of the kind of resources we need pretty early and have a sense of what’s available.
  3. Let the objectives drive the org structure that guides the resource kind and types requested and coordinated.
  4. In the heat of exhaustion, stress and frustration, always remember #1.
LISTEN HERE – PPP84: Foundation 4 – Request and Coordinate Resources

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