Project Managers are Like Ronin

Project Managers are like Ronin

Like wandering Ronin move from mission to mission, Project Managers move from project to project. This is not a bad thing, but there are challenges with essentially changing jobs every few months. Listen to this episode to hear the 5 ways I feel Project Managers can leverage this regular movement between teams.
LISTEN HERE – PPP75: Project Managers are the Ronin of the Business World

Preview of the 5 considerations for the Ronin PM:

  • “Don’t fall in love with your project”
  • “Carry your experience with you”
  • “Be a disruptive contributor”
  • “Maintain loyalty to the cause”
  • “Leverage the Foundational 5”

Listen to hear more about these considerations and my $.02 on how to leverage them to benefit your team, your organization and your professional development.

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