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Thank you for visiting the website and for considering supporting the show and spreading the importance of supporting our PEOPLE thought effective and inclusive PROCESS to help ourselves, our teams and organizations make PROGRESS with these ‘People, Process, Progress’ branded items.

Share the ‘People, Process, Progress’ message with this sticker on your laptop, water bottle or in your garage gym. Sticker is 3 3/8 x 2 7/8 and is $2 + shipping.

“Communicate. Collaborate. Improve” summarizes the core elements many organizational methodologies in three words. Share the message with this ‘People, Process, Progress’ podcast themed shirt and inspire those around you. T-shirt is available in both male and female styles for $20 + shipping.

Gather initial incident information, start charting the “Foundational Five” or make some journal entries in this ‘People, Process, Progress’ branded spiral notebook. Available in spiral ruled ($10 + shipping) or hardcover ($15 + shipping) ruled or blank pages.

Our egos and working within our own silos can slow our personal and professional progress and that of their organization. Represent with a gentle reminder for folks as you sport this t-shirt. T-shirt available in both male and female styles for $14 + shipping

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