Life is Like a Seasoned Skillet | FF65

Life is Like a Seasoned Skillet | FF65

Just like we need to clean and season an iron skillet properly, so to do we need to work to maintain good mental health by processing and addressing past traumas. In this short episode of ‘Foundations Friday’, “Life is Like a Seasoned Skillet | 65” I share more on the importance of maintaining our mental health using the analogy of proper are and seasoning of an iron skillet.
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Skillet and Mind Maintenance

Skillet MaintenanceMind Maintenance
Clean with waterAddress traumas early
Dry fullyProcess, don’t numb
Seal with CriscoSteel with mindfulness
Store properlyBeware of triggers

I hope you found the analogy in this episode helpful and that if you have experienced trauma or know someone who has please direct them to get help. Below are some resources I’ve found helpful and would recommend.

Stay safe, wash your hands and Godspeed,


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