Lessons from Call Sign Chaos


I recently started listening to Call Sign Chaos by Gen. James Mattis, (USMC, Ret.) and Bing West and already have lessons from Call Sign Chaos. I am early in the story of this life (Chapter 1 in fact) where Mattis by way of the audio book’s narrator shares 7 U.S. Marine Corps leadership standards Officers are held to. As soon as I heard this I was inspired to do another comparison to the world of Project Management. But how can Project Managers compare themselves to U.S. Marine Corps Officers? After all, we’re not training for war. PMs can’t literally call in artillery fire right? Or can we?

Lessons from Call Sign Chaos: USMC leadership traits and application to Project Managers

As you listen to the episode you’ll hear my $.02 on how I have applied Mattis’ Marine Corps measures to Project Management and in the process hopefully provide you the reader and listener with some ideas too.

Listen here! – Lessons from Call Sign Chaos: USMC leadership traits and application to Project Managers

I also encourage everyone to start listening to Call Sign Chaos via the audio book or get the book (hardcover / paperback) itself.

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