Interview with Mindshifter Anna Liebel

Welcome to the first international edition of the show! You have to hear this interview with Mindshifter Anna Liebel.

In December 2020 Anna Liebel and I connected virtually across the Atlantic. Anna Liebel and I had a great conversation. Listeners will learn about Anna’s journey growing up in Ukraine to being educated in Sweden. Next, Anna worked in England and then moved to Iceland where she lives today.

Interview with Mindshifter Anna Liebel
Interview with Mindshifter Anna Liebel

During our conversation we hear about Anna’s formal education in Computer Science and Project Management. We learn how Anna applied her education to the automobile and pharmaceutical industries. Anna then shares how she carried these business lessons to create her own consultant business. Anna credits her self improvement by building up her self esteem, a focus on putting in the work and journaling.

LISTEN HERE – PPP65: Reclaim Your Genius Zone with Anna Liebel

Working with Anna

Interview with Anna Liebel

Now, go to to hear more about Anna’s mission to, “…empower more professionals to thrive as leaders at work and at home, contribute to the inspiring diverse work environment, without compromising their well-being.”. Hear more from Anna and her guests via her ‘Genius Leadership: Overcoming Everything Podcast‘.

Connect with Anna on LinkedIn or via the contact form on her website. Thank you Anna for sharing your insight with all of us.

Stay safe, wash your hands and Godspeed,


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