Engaging Leadership with Author Lee Ann Pond


In my interview with Author Lee Ann Pond we discuss Lee Ann’s path from Chief Administrative Officer at the Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA) to and her path to becoming an entrepreneur. Lee Ann is the author of “The Engagement Ring: Practical Leadership Skills for Engaging Your Employees” and CEO of Engaging Leadership, an Executive Coaching company.

Meeting Lee Ann

Lee Ann and I met in 2015 when I became the Planning Captain for RAA. At the time Lee Ann was the Chief Administrative Officer and I was fortunate to attend and complete the Leadership Academy Lee Ann developed.

Interview with Author Lee Ann Pond

“Lee Ann Pond is the founder and CEO of Engaging Leadership, which helps organizations create high performing leadership teams. With a background in finance, an MBA degree, and 15 years in the “C” suite, Lee Ann has a passion for helping leaders develop their business and leadership skills. Lee Ann is also certified as an executive coach and master facilitator.

In 2018 she created Engaging Leadership to provide leadership development to organizations through workshops, online courses and coaching. She is the creator of the Engagement Ring® leadership process and author of the bestselling Amazon book, The Engagement Ring: Practical Leadership Skills for Engaging Your Employees, which provides leaders specific steps to create high performing teams.

Lee Ann lives in Richmond, Virginia and enjoys traveling, family time and rescue dog, Mr. Pickles.

Visit her at: https://engaging-leadership.com

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