From Plans Chief to Project Manager

Plans Chiefs and Project Managers – Two sides of the same planning coin

If you’re a Plans Chief you can manage projects. If you’re a Project Manager you can probably become a Plans Chief. In this episode I share insight from my path from Plans Chief to Project Manager and the parallels between the roles of All-Hazards Planning Section Chiefs and Project Managers. This was earlier in the development of what we know now as the ‘Foundational 5’, when I had not thought to incorporate leader’s intent to help guide the objectives, organization, resources and communication elements together.
Listen here! – From Plans Chief to Project Manager (originally aired January 4, 2019)

Parallels between PSCs and PMPs:

  • Help develop S.M.A.R.T. objectives
  • Facilitate process
  • Work across all areas of an organization
  • Put together or suggest organizational structures
  • Request and coordinate resources
  • Assist in communication planning

Learn more about these positions:
– Planning Section Chief description from FEMA at
– “Who are Project Managers?” from PMI at
– Listen to my podcast episode about the All-Hazards Planning Section Chief course at

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