Ellen Kullman’s 4 Crisis Principles


I’ve listened to Reid Hoffman and the ‘Masters of Scale’ podcast for a while now. During a recent drive home from vacationing in Tybee Island, GA I was fortunate to hear Reid speak with Ellen Kullman. On the episode I heard Ellen Kullman explain the 4 Crisis Principles she’s learned over the years. Kullman was CEO of DuPont, a Director at General Motors and the current CEO of the 3D-printing company Carbon.

Ellen Kullman’s 4 Crisis Principles and the equivalent ‘Foundational 4’

Distilling Down Experience

In the episode Kullman distills her vast experience and knowledge down to four key things to focus on during a crisis. Kullman’s concepts struck home to me. And I immediately correlated Kullmans list with the “Foundational Four” concept. These four things are what I believe can get teams started in the right direction for projects, planned events or no-notice incidents.

I highly recommend listening to the Masters of Scale episode “4 Principles of Crisis Management” to learn more about Kullman’s principles and to how I believe they parallel the Foundational Four concepts below.

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