Crisis to Calm with Debra Woog


“Debra A. Woog (pronounced like “Vogue” magazine) is a Crisis Navigation Partner™ and founder of Connect 2: Crisis to Calm. Debra has 30+ years of experience as a leadership researcher, executive and advisor. Debra provides highly competent women with expertise, structure and empathy so that they can process difficult situations. This enables them to connect with necessary resources, communicate effectively, and lead with a clear mind and a solid strategy.”

Connect2 – Crisis to Calm

In this episode we learn about Debra’s own journey with crisis. Debra’s journey includes losing a close friend, learning to care for a child with a chronic medical condition and divorce. We hear Debra’s enthusiasm and realness. I appreciated the time I spent with her to learn her story. Listeners will enjoy hearing how she’s helping others deal with tough times.

Kevin Pannell, PMP and Debra Woog, MBA

As the Founder of “Connect 2”, Debra serves as “Crisis Navigation Partner”. Debra helps clients develop “stress hardiness”. Tools and techniques Debra provides include preparing for a crisis by evaluating Capacity, building Community and developing Communication Skills. Some of the crises Debra helps clients work through include job loss, divorce, co-parenting and downsizing.

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LISTEN HERE – PPP73: From Crisis to Calm with Debra Woog

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