Change a Life, Not Just the Game

Good coaches can change a life, not just the game

Whether you’re parent helping with Little League, assisting with the Kid’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, a Project Manager coaching a team through hard times or the Officer in charge of a response, how you coach can change not only the moment, but the rest of someone else’s life. I, like many of you readers, have seen or been part of the “tough love” style of coaching. Angry, raised voiced and bowed up coaches in the face of kids and young adults. It’s not helpful nor is it a good example. Now, is there time coaches, Project Managers and Fire Captains need to be more direct and not sugar coat things, yes. Should these times be more rare than regular, also yes.

In this quick ‘Foundations Friday 43: Change a Life, Not Just the Game‘ I expand on my thoughts above and also some ways we can all help change others’ lives for the better, not just the single game or project we’re involved in.
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