Kevin Pannell, PMP

In additon to podcasting, Kevin Pannell, PMP is a Senior IT Project Manager working in the Healthcare space. From helping implement rapid Telemedicine solutions that provided staff, patient and family communication solutions to address the COVID-19 surge through leading enterprise level projects, Kevin brings his over 20 years of U.S. Navy, Public Safety, Public Health and All-Hazards Incident Management Team experience into play everyday in the private sector.

Kevin’s ability to rapidly assess critical needs during a crisis on the streets or optimize teams in the boardroom has helped him and his teammates be successful in efforts that include planning for large area missing person searches, coordinate Public Safety support for the 2016 Vice Presidential Debates and put together Tactical Combat Casualty Care training program for over 1,000 First Responders. Outside of work Kevin shares this experience and those of his quests on the ‘People, Process, Progress’ podcast.

Kevin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness with a minor in International Relations from Virginia Commonwealth University and works remotely out of Blacksburg, Virginia where he lives with his wife of 19 years, three sons and his Border Collie named “Hoss”.

Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn and you can follow his podcast and learn more about his “Foundational Five” principles to effective response and team organization at peopleprocessprogress.com.

Titles I’ve Earned:
  • Husband & Father
  • BJJ Blue Belt
  • Leading Petty Officer
  • Planning Section Chief
  • Podcaster
  • Executive Support Manager
  • EMS Captain
  • Public Health Emergency Coordinator
  • Project Manager

Articles, Interviews and Podcast Archive:

Location Virginia Hours Typically before 0800 and after 1700. Gotta pay the bills.
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