Kevin Pannell, PMP

Kevin Pannell served as a Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy for almost six years. During this time he was consistently chosen for leadership positions and helped set new standards for the level of care Hospital Corpsmen could provide in the Critical Care setting. As part of his transition out of the military Kevin earned information technology certifications and began his career in IT Customer Support and Management.

During this time Kevin continued his leadership evolution and was mentored by industry leaders at Discovery Communications, Inc. (the Discovery Channel people!), in the areas of global customer support and enterprise planning. Kevin’s call back to service led him to complete his Bachelor’s Degree with a focus in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness with a Minor in International Relations, all while writing papers with his first born son in a BABYBJĂ–RN on his chest. After a short stint back in IT helping implement electronic health records (EHRs), Kevin began his journey in Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, as a member of both local and regional All-Hazards Incident Management Teams (AHIMTs) and provided direct support to his communities as a Volunteer Firefighter and sworn EMS Captain.

Kevin’s passion for helping people combined with the efficiencies provided by the all-hazards planning process led him to earn credentials as a Planning Section Chief and Medical Unit Leader and he quickly became a leader, mentor and instructor for his team and others across the United States.

Today Kevin is a Project Manager for a large academic medical center where he continues to bring people together through combined processes helping individuals and organizations make progress and shares his and his guest’s stories and experiences with listeners of the ‘People, Process, Progress’ podcast.

Titles I’ve Earned:
  • Husband & Father
  • Leading Petty Officer
  • Planning Section Chief
  • Project Manager
  • Podcaster
  • Executive Support Manager
  • EMS Captain
  • Public Health Emergency Coordinator

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Location Virginia Hours Typically before 0800 and after 1700. Gotta pay the bills.
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