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4 Books Every PM Should Read


“Project management is a hybrid occupation.” – Michael S. Dobson

Are the 4 Books Every Project Manager Should Read here?

The statement above is so true. As Dobson states, being a Project Manager requires both technical and people skills. Our technical skills don’t necessarily need to include computers and software, but rather the very tactical and specific skills we learned in whatever field we started in before or as we bridged to Project Management. The people skills or “soft skills” include being able to talk to people, build relationships, handle our emotions and more.
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In this week’s episode, ‘PPP98: Four Books Every Project Manager Should Read’, I share four books that have influenced me and helped me round out my technical PM skills as well as become a better person and leader of people. Below are the quick notes from the episode.

The books:

Book 1: Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

Book 2: Tribe by Sebastian Junger

Book 3: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Book 4: Streetwise Project Management by Michael S. Dobson

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