PPP97: Deploying a Heap Load of Devices Using the Foundational 5

Expanding on this LinkedIn post I shared a couple of days ago that now has over 700 views. In the podcast I provide more detail and submit what worked well and some of the challenges of deploying a large number of smart devices and associated equipment across the majority of an organization.

LISTEN HERE – PPP97: Deploying a Heap Load of Devices Using the ‘Foundational 5’

‘Foundational 5’ Key Things:

  • Leader’s Intent
  • S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
  • Functional Org Structure
  • Requesting and coordinating resources (people, stuff, equipment)
  • Communication

Thank you for reading the LinkedIn (@linkedin) article, this blog post and for listening to the podcast episode. Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts or your preferred platform and share with others you think may benefit from this and other episodes of the podcast.

Stay safe, wash your hands and Godspeed,


Kevin Pannell, PMP | Creator & Host, ‘People, Process, Progress’ | Connect and subscribe at https://linktr.ee/peopleprocessprogress

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