Foundations Friday 45: Logistics Wins Wars (and Projects)

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Delivery truck

We can prep the equipment, outfit the people and ready the food, but if we don’t have a way to move these things our front line troops won’t have what they need to win. As General Omar Bradley famously said, “Amateaurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics“.

LISTEN HERE – Foundations Friday 45: Logistics Wins Wars (and Projects)

Key considerations for logistics requests:

  • C – capability being requested (what does it need to do)
  • S – size (equipment, not people)
  • A – amount being requested (people, equipment or supplies)
  • L – location the person, equipment or supplies need to be deployed to
  • T- Resource type (what can the resource do)
  • T – time the person, equipment, supplies or delivery is needed and how long

Thank you for reading this, listening to this week’s episode and sharing with others that may benefit.

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