PPP95: When Leading A Project, Remember It’s Not YOUR Project

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This episode was inspired by re-listening to Jocko Podcast 98 with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. In the episode Jocko, Echo (good evening) and Dr. Peterson discuss the importance of self evaluation before looking out and judging the world as well as the differences between tyrannical leadership and leaders who inspire others to want to do work for them. In this episode I share what I believe Project Managers can do to stay on the opposite side of tyranny and instead build a bonded, collaborative and productive team.

LISTEN HERE – PPP95: When Leading A Project, Remember It’s Not YOUR Project

Avoiding tyrannical Project Management by:

  • Being confident in what you know. Being even more confident in what you don’t know
  • Remembering teammates are adults, not our kids
  • Including our subject matter experts (SMEs) in developing the solution
  • Praising in public. Redirecting in private
  • Not being an a#$&ole

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Stay safe, wash your hands and Godspeed,


Kevin Pannell, PMP | Creator & Host, ‘People, Process, Progress’ | Connect and subscribe at https://linktr.ee/peopleprocessprogress

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