Foundations Friday 23: Set the P.A.C.E. for Your Project

Contingency planning for projects, special events and even our personal lives is key. In ‘Foundations Friday 23: Set the P.A.C.E. for Your Projects’ I share a bit more about this and a reminder of an episode from the way back machine when the podcast was called ‘Between the Slides’.

Sample Key Concepts from New System Go-Live P.A.C.E. Plans:

P.A.C.E. MODEL TBelow is the P.A.C.E. model explained as well as continuity and decision making guidance for all-hazards event planners and incident responders.

  • Primary Plan
    • Focused on main objective of on time go-live
    • Most desirable option
    • Full functionality with all systems
    • Yields most desirable results
    • Examples: Go-Live plan, Project Management Plan (PMP)
  • Alternate Plan
    • Fallback that closely supports Primary plan
    • Less desirable, but achieves much of Primary plan
    • Partial functionality, but still going live
    • May be less desirable, but still supports Primary plan
    • Examples: revised Go-Live and PMP
  • Contingency Plan
    • Focus on going live with one, but not all components
    • Not desirable
    • Partial go-live
    • Examples: Manage event, downtime or other incidents just before, at time of or during Go-Live
  • Emergency Plan
    • Focus on back out and complete delay go-live
    • Last choice
    • No go-live
    • Examples: How do we go back to pre-system change; Can we go back? We cannot go plan
  • Continuity and “Paying it Forward”
    • Good leaders have trained “two levels up and two levels down”
    • This means knowledge and information sharing two levels above you in the org chart and two levels below you in the org chart
    • Prepare others for success by empowering them with knowledge
  • Consider the “Time Wedge”
    • The more time you allow to pass, the less options you may have when making a decision
LISTEN HERE: ‘Foundations Friday 23: Set the P.A.C.E. for Your Projects

‘BTS40: Worst Case Scenarios Happen – The Critical Importance of Contingency Planning’ –
Stay safe, wash your hands and Godspeed,


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