Foundations Friday 06: Do the Thing

Do the thing. Such a simple concept, yet sometimes hard to execute on. I’ve heard this expression before, but more recently heard this at the end of the movie “West No More” that follows Ben Jenkins and Aaron Klass along a couple hundred miles of the Colorado Trail. Of note is Ben and Aaron wear clothing from the 1860s and use hiking and camping equipment of the same era. They, “Did the Thing”.

LISTEN HERE: Foundations Friday 06: Do the Thing

They dared to try something unique. They failed and did complete the 500 mile full trail through hike. But they still did the thing. Trying hard things doesn’t mean we’ll always succeed, but I believe we should try. Doing the thing for some could be trying their first push up, walking the first 1/2 mile, presenting their unique idea during a business meeting or grinding out the daily balance between parenting, home schooling and working from home. Do the thing.

I recommend watching “West No More” for the scenery and to learn more about the equipment Ben and Aaron used, but also to witness the struggle of pushing ones self. Not for money, not for sponsors, rather just to “Do the Thing”. Thank you all for reading this and listening to the podcast.

Stay safe, wash your hands and Godspeed,


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