The ‘PEOPLE’ Behind the Podcast

Because I decided to buy a podcast microphone in Target a few years ago I’ve been able to reach thousands of people across the world. I’ve been even more fortunate to have one-on-one conversations with some of my best friends, family and new friends from all over the world.

Below is a list of every guest I’ve ever interviewed from my previous ‘Between the Slides’ podcast to the current ‘People, Process, Progress’ show. These are great PEOPLE with great minds sharing their PROCESSes and they have certainly helped me make…wait for it…PROGRESS.

GuestEpisodeEpisode DateLink
Capt. Mike SnawderBTS07: LEO Resistance to ICSOctober 2018Play
TrevorBTS19: Intern to Sworn LEOMarch 2019Play
RobBTS28: Firefighter to Situation Unit LeaderJune 2019Play
Ben GomesBTS29: Suicidal to Saving OthersJune 2019Play
Ben RogersBTS30: Creating a Culture of LeadershipJuly 2019Play
Lt. Mike PhibbsBTS31: Air Operations and Drone DeploymentsJuly 2019Play
RobBTS37: Coordinating Initial ResponseSeptember 2019Play
Andrew SmithPPP08: Starting a BJJ RevolutionFebruary 2020Play
Wendi PannellPPP10: Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020March 2020Play
Matt SchmidtPPP20: People Focused Data Driven Solutions from Peoplelogic.aiMay 2020Play
Jill GrumbinePPP21: Public Health Nursing and Disease InvestigationMay 2020Play
Eric CanfieldPPP25: Climbing to New HeightsJune 2020Play
Andrew OwlettPPP42: Crisis Ready, Crisis Confident from Data Bulb by Imagineering LabsJuly 2020Play
Anderson SilverPPP57: Stoicism for a Better LifeNovember 2020Play
Rob LawrencePPP60: Leadership in Emergency Medical ServicesNovember 2020Play
Anna LiebelPPP65: Reclaiming Your Genius ZoneJanuary 2021Play

Thank you to my guests and for those that listen to the show. Please provide your feedback here and contact me with questions about the show.

Stay safe, wash your hands and Godspeed,


Kevin Pannell, PMP Creator & Host, ‘People, Process, Progress’ Connect and subscribe at

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