PPP Bonus: U.S. Capitol Chaos – What Can We Learn?

On January 6, 2021 the U.S. Capitol was overrun. As a result of the actions by some on that day six Americans are now dead. In today’s world and in today’s America in particular, Public Safety agencies or the incident management teams (IMTs) supporting the planning process must consider all possibilities for special events to go sideways.

In this bonus episode I’ll share my observations as a former Planning Section Chief on how IMTs and Public Safety agencies can take lessons from the tragic day and apply them to planning processes in the future.

LISTEN HERE – PPP Bonus: U.S. Capitol Chaos – What Can We Learn?

We are in trying times for many reasons. Last summer we lost 19 Americans. This week we lost 6 more Americans. Our nation’s healing will not be easy, swift or smooth. Similarly, planning for special events in the days, months and years to come will prove difficult and threat levels will most likely remain high.

Agencies having jurisdiction MUST insist on combined planning and resource coordination to help save lives.

Stay safe out there, wash your hands and Godspeed,


Kevin Pannell, PMP Creator & Host, ‘People, Process, Progress’ Connect and subscribe at https://linktr.ee/peopleprocessprogress

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