PPP64: Kick off 2021 by Winning the War Within

Welcome to the new year everyone. In my first episode of 2021 I’m sharing concepts from the book “Extreme Ownership” written by retired Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. This book and the concepts within it and heard on the Jocko Podcast influenced me greatly and helped me get out of a bad place 3-4 years ago. I highly recommend the books by Jocko and Leif as well as the podcast.

So what am I sharing? I provide a brief on the first four concepts (and chapters) of the book in the section called…drumroll….Winning the War Within. This section has each of us as leaders take a look at ourselves before considering how we will lead teams. The first concepts of the book include the concept of Extreme Ownership, working from a mindset that there are No bad teams, Only bad leaders, that leaders must Believe in the strategic vision of the organization and share that with their subordinates and how we all need to suppress our Egos to be effective when working with others.

The book is well written and walks the reader through battlefield examples of these principles, then the authors explain the principles themselves then end the chapter with the principles application to business. So, I didn’t reinvent the wheel and that’s the same format I used to walk the listener through the podcast.

As Jocko and Leif have stated on the Jocko Podcast and interviews, they didn’t make this stuff up, but that does not reduce the effectiveness of implementing these mindsets into our personal professional lives.

LISTEN HERE – PPP64: Kick off 2021 by Winning the War Within

I hope each of you are starting 2021 by getting after it, staying safe, washing your hands and I wish you all Godspeed,


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