PPP54: 9 Noble Viking Virtues for Incident and Project Managers

I’ve been listening to the “Viking War Drums” playlist on @spotify a lot lately. Very motivational when I’m lifting weights, doing burpees or on the way to train Jiu jitsu. I’m also a big fan of Michael Crichton’s “Eater’s of the Dead” book that was adapted to the movie “The 13th Warrior” starting Antonio Banderas. In the film we see some of the essence of what the average person knows about Vikings. Large, sea faring humans that conquered much of Europe and parts of Asia by force.

As I thought about this and how I could tie Vikings to Incident Management Teams and Project Managers I thought there must be some core values or processes the Vikings followed. Well, with some quick searching I found the “9 Noble Viking Virtues” across various websites. Below are the virtues and brief definitions of each.

LISTEN HERE: PPP54:9 Noble Viking Virtues for Incident and Project Managers

Please listen to the latest episode of the ‘People, Process, Progress’ podcast to hear how I think Incident Management Team (IMT) members and Project Managers can map these virtues to day-to-day work as part of IMTs or leading project teams.

Courage – Physical and moral courage

Truth –  Spiritual and actual truth

Honor – Deeds, words and reputation outlive our bodies

Fidelity – Remaining true to Gods, kinsmen, a spouse and family

Discipline – Using one’s personal will to uphold honor and other virtues

Hospitality – Treating others with respect and being part of a community

Industriousness – Hard work as a means to achieve a goal

Self-Reliance – care of oneself, while still maintaining relationships with Deity (of your choice)

Perseverance – to continue pushing onward, despite potential obstacles

To me, these virtues are not just for conquering pagans that have cool war drum music and axes. The Nine Noble Virtues of Nordic lore apply to us personally outside of work, but also very much to our professional lives as IMT members and Project Managers.

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