PPP47: Incident Management and the 5 SOF Truths

In May 2017 I wrote an article on @LinkedIn called “All-Hazards Incident Management and the 5 SOF Truths”. I thought of the comparison of these “5 truths” as I watched “Special Forces – The Fight Against Terror” on @Amazon Prime. I was pedalling on my stationary bike at 0530 in my garage gym and was struck at the parallels these truths have with creating effective and efficient All-Hazards Incident Management Team members. Now, as a full time IT Project Manager I see even more parallels to the PM world.

Below are my original points from the article and the outline for ‘PPP47: Incident Management and the 5 SOF Truths‘ I talk through these thoughts and provide a bit more perspective.

LISEN HERE: PPP47: Incident Management and the 5 SOF Truths

1.  SOF Truth 1: Humans are more important than hardware. In the AHIMT world this equates to valuing personal and professional relationships over getting stuck on forms and wall charts. We must also always promote process over document creation. The document is a thing, the process is the core of keeping us all safe and efficient.

2.  SOF Truth 2: Quality is better than quantity. Young AHIMTs face challenges when building up capacity. Grant funds and budgets limit opportunities to build knowledge from the ground up, e.g. Unit level to Section level. I too completed a Section level course before the Unit, but submit as a somewhat seasoned Plans Chief and in hindsight that the value of working from the ground up cannot be overstated. Further I submit that the value of qualified and experienced AHIMT members must include both pre-planned events and no notice incidents. Same process, different timelines.

3.  SOF Truth 3: Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced. Indeed, as noted above, building capacity is one thing but building a strong core of competent and confident AHIMT professionals is another. It behooves teams to focus on building up committed individuals vice providing blanket opportunity for folks who may or may not be in it for the long haul.

4.  SOF Truth 4: Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur. Very much along the lines of the concept that response partners should not be meeting for the first time during a disaster. AHIMTs should work to solidify local, regional, state, and federal relationships and processes long before the “balloon goes up” and AHIMT support is requested. This can be done by including partners in training, exercises, or as observers to AHIMT exercises.

5.   SOF Truth 5: Most special operations require non-SOF assistance. Same: same for AHIMTs. Public Safety cannot fill all the roles of a truly All-Hazards approach if it is saturated with members that only know how to put out fires, manage an MCI, or make arrests. Effective AHIMTs provide training, deployment, and development opportunities for all disciplines.

Thank you all for reading, listening and subscribing. Godspeed,


Kevin Pannell, PMP Creator & Host, ‘People, Process, Progress’ Connect and subscribe at https://linktr.ee/peopleprocessprogress

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