Data Supported Podcast Programming

I’ve used data driven solutions in public safety, emergency management, all-hazards incident management and project management. Data tells the story of where improvements can be made or where mistakes are being made. Data drives how many patients we’ve triaged, treated and transported during mass casualties and they help drive user adoption by showing us how often customers are using the new techology we put in place.

For the Between the Slides podcast I’ve definitely fallen into looking at show metrics often. I’ve heard more experienced podcasters state metrics should not drive the show, and to some extend I agree. I do disagree with others that metrics should not matter at all. For me the metrics provided by Blubrry are great. They show me if the show has overall growth (which it does) and what style of episodes resonate with listeners so I can be sure to continue to try and provide value.

What I think is interesting is that the show is growing in downloads and Facebook page likes. It seems the break and new episodes have helped drive more listeners, but the shows with the higher download numbers are mostly the earliest ones.

As such I’m already lining up more guests to share their stories, processes and progress, but also to share specific skills within the all-hazards incident management and project management worlds.

I am very appreciative for every second someone chooses to click “Play” on the podcast and look forward to more conversations and sharing more content with you all.



UPDATED Contact Information below:
Kevin Pannell, PMP | Creator & Host, ‘People, Process, Progress’ | Connect and subscribe at  #peopleprocessprogress #peopleprocessprogresspodcast #people #process #progress

#People #Process #Progress #BetweenTheSlides #All-HazardsIncidentManagement #ProjectManagement #PlanningSectionChief #IncidentCommand #PublicSafety #PublicHealth

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