BTS Episodes 28, 29 an 30: The Fire Service, Suicide and Survival

Since my last post on July 24, 2019 the Between the Slides podcast has been downloaded 664 times. This brings the total show downloads to 2,380 as of this posting. WOW! I’m a guy who wanted to keep teaching incident management that started from his garage gym and now home office. To think that ~95 classrooms full of ~25 people hit play on my podcast is humbling and very appreciated, but not totally surprising. I say that because I’ve had great guests.

I know it is their stories, our conversations and hopefully some of their shared processes and progress that has drawn more folks to the show. I just recorded a new episode last night and will release it later this week. As we recorded there was some background noise and my interviewee’s dog barked. Good. I’m leaving the real life in the podcast because that’s the whole premise of Between the Slides. These aren’t discussions you’ll get when someone is clicking through a presentation. These are the discussions with people that have triumphed, lost, learned and keep getting after it.

If you haven’t listened and learned more about Rob, Ben Gomes or Ben Rogers, please consider checking out their stories and our discussions. Also, if you haven’t read or heard the Declaration of Independence in a while, consider giving the July 4th bonus episode a listen.



UPDATED Contact Information below:
Kevin Pannell, PMP | Creator & Host, ‘People, Process, Progress’ | Connect and subscribe at  #peopleprocessprogress #peopleprocessprogresspodcast #people #process #progress

#Firefighters #RealEstate #Leadership #SuicideAwareness #VFRSS #CodeGreenCampaign #people #process #progress #BetweenTheSlides #projectmanagement

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