Back in the Game

For those that listen regularly or are subscribed you’ll note we didn’t publish new episodes for about a month. I needed the break and I’m glad I took the time to think about the podcast. During this time my family and I moved from the Richmond, Virginia area to Southwest Virginia. This was a lot and my podcast was the area that had to give. The break was also a great time for me to think about what, if anything, I wanted to do. Do I re-name, re-brand, etc., etc.?

Well, we’re back. I have more interviews lined up with folks who talk about fire service careers, mental health, organization and more. I hope the new focus on the people we’ll be learning from and those that affected their lives, the process(es) they used to move forward to get through hardships and the progress they made and share with each of you will continue to provide value and help those that need to hear the messages.

Thank you for reading this, listening and subscribing.



Kevin Pannell, PMP
Host of Between the Slides podcast
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