Great content advice from @garyvee

Last evening and today I listened a lot to @garyvee‘s advice on pushing content we think is important.  I started this podcast and website as a way for me to continue to share lessons I learned the hard way and through success in the public and private sector.  My hope is that if one public safety professional listens to a show and takes action to more collaboratively plan and respond that one more life will be saved through a more efficient response.  Additionally I hope project managers benefit to help their organizations thrive.

Also in keeping with @garyvee I am podcasting in a much more real way.  I still prepare show notes, but I accept the imperfections of my speaking a bit more and flow smoother on topics I’m passionate about that I can easily mix with truly helpful information.

Thank you all for stopping by.  Shoot me an email, Tweet or DM on Insta or Facebook and let me know of an issue you think applying the “Foundational Four” of objectives, organization, resources and communication could help.



UPDATED Contact Information below:
Kevin Pannell, PMP | Creator & Host, ‘People, Process, Progress’ | Connect and subscribe at  #peopleprocessprogress #peopleprocessprogresspodcast #people #process #progress

#PSCtoPMP #betweentheslides #podcast #podcasting #foundationalfour #objectives #orgchart #resources #communication #getafterit #getonnit

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